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Francesco Calabretta, black and white portrait

Francesco Calabretta

I inherited my passion for music and carpentry from my family. Rock vibes and electric guitars have always been part of my life.

At 17, I started reparing my guitars and I haven’t stopped since than. Five years ago, my Calax line was born.

Been grinding in the metalworking scene in Piacenza, but I'm eyeing a future where I'm shaping killer instruments for me and the musicians backing me. I’m obsessed about creating bespoke instruments, finding the sweet spot between your dream sounds and the beats you lay down.I love working on hard and scented woods, i enjoy looking for the finest materials as well as studying electronics.

My first handmade electric guitar from the 2000s? Still my go-to for its all-around awesomeness. Wanna bet it'll be the same for anyone trusting in my vibe?

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